18 million people do not have enough to eat


Conflict, Destruction and Fear

The crisis in Yemen is one of the biggest in a generation. Since 2015, Yemen has been in the clutches of a civil conflict, with devastating effects on its people. There is widespread destruction of public infrastructure and services such as hospitals and schools, blocked access to basic supplies, and millions have been forced out of their homes. Thousands of civilians are injured and thousands more are dead, with the numbers rising daily. The economy is on the verge of collapse with over a quarter of companies already closed. Critical infrastructure has been impaired, including roads, power grids and communication towers, leading to 70% of labourers without employment.

The 2017 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan showed that about 3 million children and pregnant or nursing women are acutely malnourished, including 400,000 children under 5 suffering from severe acute malnutrition. This represents a 57 percent increase since late 2015 and threatens the lives and life-long prospects of those affected (World Food Programme). These figures will have multiplied in the last year and the UN now warns that Yemen is on the brink of large scale famine.

Yemen imports 90% of its food supply, and access ports are closed or threatened with closure making it difficult for supplies including food, medicine etc to reach those in need. The limited food available is too expensive for families to purchase, particularly for those who have lost their source of income. International agencies continue to provide monthly food assistance but cannot meet the huge need. Poverty and hunger increasing rapidly make Yemen the largest food emergency in the world (Mercy Corps).

On the brink of famine: Facts and Figures

- The UN estimates a child under the age of 5 dies every 10 minutes in Yemen
- 29 million total population of which 22 million require humanitarian aid
- 18 million are food-insecure and 8 million people rely completely on external assistance
- 47% of children age 6 months to 5 years suffer from chronic malnutrition
- 3 million internally displaced
- 190,000 people have fled to other countries for safety, but millions more are displaced and living in crowded, derelict shelters or damaged homes inside Yemen (Mercy Corps)


Programme and Challenges

Ethar Relief’s family food programme has provided over 3,150,000 meals to refugees and displaced citizens since the beginning of 2018.

A family food pack provides a family of 5 with a one-month supply of: flour, rice, sugar, pulses, vegetable oil and vegetables.

Restriction of imports as well as access restriction due to the hostile environment is severely delaying the distribution of humanitarian aid. In areas where markets are still running, we implement a commodity vouchers programme, through local suppliers. This reduces delays in the delivery of assistance to vulnerable families, minimising risk to aid workers and beneficiaries, whilst helping revive commercial activity.

You Can Make A Difference:

- £50 can provide 450 meals
- £100 can provide 900 meals

Hostility and lack of access continues to be a hindrance in areas where there are no markets, however we continue to persevere to get food aid to as many of those in need, particularly those that have been displaced from their homes. Securing safe passage for food distribution is a continuous challenge, however our efforts continue, and we aim to increase the amount of food aid as the need grows.



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