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Donation Target: £50,000
Location: East Sudan

Within refugee communities, women face particularly difficult challenges. They are vulnerable to the same hardships as all refugees but additionally there are specific risks which affect women and girls which place them in a disproportionately high level of danger.

Ethar Relief recognises that providing food, water and sanitation are only one aspect of a multi-faceted issue. Therefore, we run specific projects aimed at empowering, educating, and safeguarding women to improve their self esteem, sense of dignity, and overall situation.

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Due to the horrific conditions within refugee camps, thousands of vulnerable young women escape the hardship and horrific conditions every year, or emigrate from small villages in East Sudan. They arrive in big cities such as Khartoum, Kassala and Port Sudan in search of basic sustenance, work, and security.
This is not a surprising state of affairs; the conditions in refugee camps and surrounding poor villages are extremely hostile due to lack of food, health provision and clean water, with no jobs or employment prospects to try and lift inhabitants out of poverty. For the majority of young women, moving to a large city becomes a dream.


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Ethar has set up a training and education project focused exclusively on women, their ongoing development and prosperity, and their positive participation within the community. The project will train young women and introduce them to the labour market or prepare them to be self-employed and set up small businesses. Over 100 women have been empowered through this programme in 2018.

Our objectives include:

- To train a minimum of 500 women by 2020
- To provide a comprehensive package of support aimed at equipping young women with a range of skills that stabilise their lives
- To prevent, through education and awareness, the conditions which cause women to become homeless
- To safeguard the young women from trafficking, violence, and vulnerability to exploitation
- To provide a permanent safe space for women to receive a variety of training, education and skills on an ongoing basis

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- Literacy and numeracy classes for 26 weeks
- Practical vocational training such as sewing, baking and sales
- Introduction to the jobs market
- Work experience opportunities and
on-the-job training with identified partners
- Business start-up and support packs for up to 12 months, promoting entrepreneurship
and independence.
- Access to a small business loan (up to £250)
- Group support sessions, including
establishing peer support systems

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The 12-month cost of providing individual training and support into a job, or setting up a small business, is on average £250. This includes costs of training suitable staff to deliver the project to appropriate standards of quality and safety, and securing premises to deliver the programme.

You can sponsor the training of 10 women for £2,500, 25 women for £6,250, or 100 women for £25,000.

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