Having access to safe clean water is something most refugees can only dream of

You can help give someone Water for Life

Donation Target: £45,000
Location: East Sudan

Water For Life is Ethar Relief’s flagship programme to bring clean, safe water to tens of thousands of refugees and poor, deprived people around the Horn of Africa.

Access to water is a basic human right and vital for the survival of human life. In addition to its availability, the purity and quality of water is also a crucial factor in maintaining hygiene and sanitation, and preventing the rapid spread of disease. Where only dirty, contaminated water is available, it is as dangerous as not having water at all.

Please support our Water for Life project to enable us to construct more wells and serve more people with life-saving water.

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The Need

The refugee camps and surrounding villages in East Sudan are severely lacking in access to water. In some cases, refugees have to walk for days just to find clean water and take it back to their families.

The impact of this can mean thousands of children never to have gone to school or receive any form of education. During periods of drought many sources of water dry up. A few small wells end up serving huge areas, with refugees travelling for most of the day, in heat of up to 50°C. This process becomes a daily struggle. The only way to resolve the problem is to construct a well by drilling down until a reservoir of water is reached.


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Building a water well in this region will not be easy. Drilling down into the hard ground in such a location requires specialist machinery, which is not easy to arrange in the inhospitable conditions. Due to the climate drilling must be done to a depth of 400 feet rather than the typical 60 feet. Terrain and access to infrastructure also pose additional engineering challenges.

Studies have to be made of the land and proposals given to authorities before work can be carried out. Furthermore, the location must be determined by a means-tested assessment of the area to match the proximity of the well to the highest number of needy and vulnerable beneciaries.

For these reasons, the cost of a permanent well that gives sustainable future water supply is up to £45,000. The cost is high but there is a desperate need for it in the location, and the longer these people remain deprived of water, the more lives will be lost.

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Despite the logistical challenges, the construction of the well is more than worth it. Local refugees and poor, disadvantaged communities will have a permanent source of clean, safe water. In the case of the project in Omsaghata, the “mega well” will serve 15,000 people on an ongoing basis. This equates to just £3 providing water for life for 1 refugee, or £15 for a family of 5. The beauty of water projects such as this is that they provide a permanent solution, and for the investment can represent significant differences in quality of life for generations to come.

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