Build a masjid for them and your house in paradise

A masjid in the place they call home

Donation Target: £35,000
Location: Shagrab Refugee Camp, Sudan
Construction Time: Two months
Partners: Islamic Social Welfare Organisation (ISWO), Charity Right

The Shagrab Camp is currently the main camp receiving refugees fleeing persecution in neighbouring Eritrea. It is home to approximately 50,000 displaced people.

Every day 30-40 more people arrive at this already heavily crowded camp. The worst kind of humanitarian conditions exist here, with little or no provision for food, water, healthcare and security.

The majority of people living in this camp receive little or no support to meet even basic human needs. On average, people will tend to eat food only 2 out of the 7 days in a week. Every year, thousands of mainly young people risk everything to escape from the horrors of this camp. Human traffickers take advantage of them and smuggle them across the Sahara desert, or through
Libya and onwards in boats towards Europe. As you’ll have seen from news reports on TV, the vast majority of those who take these trips die before reaching a safe destination.

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The Need

Ethar Relief recognises that alongside humanitarian aid, there are many other types of facilities necessary to ensure the long-term dignity of refugees and build up their spirits.

The vast majority of people in the refugee camp are of Muslim faith, eager to practice their religion wholeheartedly despite the many difficulties they face. Refugee groups have expressed the need for a masjid to provide a focal point for the community in the camp and enable spiritual development within a peaceful and tranquil space. Furthermore, provision of a facility such as a masjid acknowledges that the refugees have needs beyond food and water – a crucial factor in humanising their condition and
treating them with respect and dignity.

Currently there are two small masjids present in the camp, however they are only able to cater for a tiny fraction of the inhabitants. Ethar Relief plans to build
a new masjid near the police station in the centre of the refugee camp, where a large number of service men, refugees and local people do not have access to a purpose-built masjid. The masjid will serve a large radius, easily encompassing access for over 5,000 people.


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1) Construction of a masjid which will accommodate up to 800 people at one time.

2) Create a community focal point, serving refugees, the local community and camp servicemen.

3) Organise Quran Hifz projects and Quran Halaqat in the camp.

4) Provide religious education to men and women; knowledge, skills, and teaching qualifications in Quran recitation and other religious subjects.

5) Increase community spirit and community-led activities through the masjid.

6) Provide a boost to self-esteem of the congregation and the overall dignity of the refugee camp.

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Project Management

The construction project will be managed by our
partner in Sudan, ISWO who have more than 20 years’ experience delivering similar projects in the region. Teams from Ethar Relief will visit in person to monitor the construction progress and for ongoing maintenance of the masjid at least twice a year.

In addition to our own ongoing monitoring and
evaluation processes, summary report will be provided at mid-point and end-point to funders and partners, with photos and testimony from


Cost and Completion

The cost of the construction of this masjid is £35,000. Upon raising of the funds, estimated completion time for the project from inception to delivery will be approximately two months.

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