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What Ethar is all about.

  • What defines us

    Ethar Relief is a UK-based humanitarian aid organisation operating mainly in East Africa. Set-up in 2006 it serves to ease the suffering of refugees. Our goal is to help the needy across Africa, regardless of ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs.

    We have a few full-time staff members who perform key important roles but most of our team are made up of volunteers.

  • Our aims

    1) Alleviate the sufferings of refugees by providing emergency aid such as food, water and medical supply;
    2) To reduce poverty by providing educational institutions, student sponsorship;
    3) To empower women, so that they have greater opportunities and choices through education and employment, enabling them to participate in lifting poverty in their communities.

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  • Helping the poorest and most in need

    A study carried out by the International Monetary Fund placed Eritrea as the 5th most poorest country in the world. With a population of just over 5m, its poverty rate has climbed to 69%.

    Education has also suffered with primary school enrolment estimated to be around 34%, the 3rd lowest rate in the world.

  • The world's largest refugee camp

    Ethar is one of the very few organisations providing aid to the Eritrean refugees. There are now over 500,000 who live in the camps in East-Sudan. The sheer number of refugees has created the World’s largest refugee camp in one area.

    One of the largest contributing factors as to why the situation has escalated to such a level is the unrelenting lack of public awareness.

  • Refugees bought and sold as slaves

    The Eritrean refugees condition has become so desperate that local sources have even reported men, women and children being traded as slaves.

    Other reports include refugees being mutated so their organs can be sold to laboratories and hospitals.

More than just hand-outs

Water for life

We are planning to build four mega wells. These wells will be placed across four camps, and will benefit over 60,000 refugees.

Health care

We opened a dental clinic in Kassala and a convoy of Eye specialists. These are just two examples of recent Ethar Health projects.


Ethar will be supporting 12 schools; paying for teachers, books and teaching equipment, school meals and building maintenance.
  • We provided emergency aid in Kasala City after the flooding*

  • Over 3,200 food parcels distributed in Ramadhan*

  • Monthly food packs are given to the poorest 150 families*

  • Orphans being sponsored*

  • Refugees we plan to help*

  • Schools we supported*

* Ethar Relief Annual Report 2014/15

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For donations, information on volunteering, or general enquiries, please contact the team: E:, T: +44 (0)121 309 0230

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