Knowledge Garden Nursery

A chance to provide education for orphan children

A place to learn and develop

Donation Target: £30,000
Location: East Sudan

As part of its long-term strategy to empower refugee communities and lift them permanently out of poverty, Ethar Relief establishes and supports educational programmes aimed at a range of disadvantaged and vulnerable demographic groups across the Horn of Africa. Of particular necessity is providing basic education to infants and junior school aged children, to prepare them for onward progression through their educational journey and equip them at an early age with a useful and valuable skillset.

Throughout our experience working with disadvantaged and desperately poor communities, we have found that educating the youngest and giving them a strong academic and skills base is one of the most effective insurances against long-term poverty and a significant protector against the exploitation and violence inherent within refugee camps.

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Knowledge Garden Nursery is the brainchild of Anwar, a refugee living in the Um Gargour camp in Kassala. Recognising that children in his nearby location did not have access to even basic educational services, he quickly identified the need for nursery-level education provision as a vital first step. This would enable children to progress to higher levels of schooling as they got older, rather than miss out because of a lack of foundation skills when they reached school age.

Anwar is an inspiration to us at Ethar for his hard work and dedication to his community. By gathering donations from wherever he could, Anwar established and started the Knowledge Garden Nursery, attempting to bridge the gap that exists in the camp due to lack of preschool and nursery education. He recognised that when children don’t have their needs met at these crucial young ages, it has a very serious knock-on effect on their opportunities and life prospects later on.


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Ethar Relief needs to raise a minimum of £30k for the following:
- Build a simple permanent structure for the nursery which is large enough, suitable and safe for the children to learn.
- Provide basic equipment and resources for the learning and activities of the children.
- Purchase electric generators
- Build toilets and washing area
- Purchase desks and chairs
- Purchase books and stationery

Additionally, a further £12k is needed to provide the following:
- Maintenance costs, including salaries for staff and teachers.
Currently all staff are volunteers who donate their time despite their own personal hardship.
- Electricity bills and other utility running costs
- Equipping of a small library
- Fans for warm weather conditions
- Fencing to safeguard the children and the nursery
- Establish a feeding programme for the children while they are at nursery. This is such an important part of children’s development, contributing to their learning and also their physical growth. It would also encourage many more parents to send their children to nursery.

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The Knowledge Garden Nursery doesn’t just provide academic education for the refugee children. Anwar and his volunteer staff have taken great care to make the nursery a welcoming, uplifting place for children using the humble resources at their disposal. All staff in the nursery are volunteers, giving up their time for free despite their own personal hardship, for the sake of the children. Their dedication in the face of their own harsh circumstances is truly inspiring and moving. Still, they are constantly positive and always thinking of ways to make resources stretch further and new ideas to make the learning experience fun and interesting for the children.

For those completing their education there, a small graduation ceremony is held to celebrate and attribute value to the children’s efforts. There are also early morning fun activities such as football club and other sports, so that parents can drop their children off before school starts, at a time suitable to them, before continuing their day. This adds incentive for families to send their children to nursery and eases their access to the facilities, by removing potential barriers and difficulties. With more funding, the nursery also aims to provide food for the children (access to food is another huge barrier to education) and a wider range of essential services for the children.


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