Build a masjid for them and your house in paradise

A masjid in the place they call home

Completion Date: 2017
Donation Target: £35,000
Location: Sudan
Partners: Islamic Social Welfare Organisation (ISWO), Charity Right

Build a masjid in the refugee camps of the Horn of Africa, a place where the community can come together for prayers, study the Quran and learn about the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The masjid will also help produce both male and female Hafiz teachers.

The total cost associated with building the masjid is estimated to be £35,000. Reaching this target would enable us to build a congregational prayer area, the size of which could hold between 400 and 800 daily worshippers.

The project is managed by our partner Charity Right and ISWO in Sudan, who have over 20 years experience. Teams from Ethar Relief schedule to visit and monitor the project at least twice a year.

Phase 1
  • masjid-p1-01
  • masjid-P1-2
  • masjid-P1-3
Phase 2
  • masjid-P2-1
  • masjid-P2-2
  • masjid-P2-3
Phase 3
  • masjid-P3-1
  • masjid-P3-2
  • masjid-P3-3
Phase 4
  • masjid-P4-1
  • masjid-P4-2
  • masjid-P4-3

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For donations, information on volunteering, or general enquiries, please contact the team at Ethar:

E: info@etharrelief.org
T: +44 (0)121 309 0230

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