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4th March - 10th March 2019

Profile of an orphan refugee


Intisar’s story

Intisar is one of the thousands of children who are born into refugee camps every year. They never know a normal life, and are unaware of the meaning of a normal childhood. For them, life means struggle, hardship, pain, hunger, illness and humiliation – with no hope of escape.

We met Intisar when she was 11 years old. At this tender age, her world had already collapsed and she had suffered the most terrible trauma. A few years earlier, she had lost her mother to a simple sickness – one of the most common causes of preventable deaths in refugee camps. Her father, who was living away from them trying to find work to send back provisions for the family, returned home to be with his children. Within six months he was dead too, taken by a similar illness that ravaged the camp.

Intisar and her siblings were very alone, and very vulnerable. Children are the most vulnerable members of the refugee community, and orphans are vulnerable to all kinds of exploitation, danger and disadvantage. Girls like Intisar are probably in the highest possible category of risk, and need urgent protection from the most horrific abuses.

Intisar had hoped that her younger brother might grow up to help her provide food and security for their small family, in the absence of both parents. However, within a year of their father’s death, Intisar’s brother was also gone, a life taken by disease once again.

The story of Intisar’s life thereafter is one of unimaginable hardship, risk and danger. Intisar and her 3 sisters were sent from one refugee camp to another; at each stage no-one was able to help them but plenty were trying to exploit them. Intisar herself became injured and sustained severe damage to her leg, due to weakness and malnutrition. As they grew up, trying to find safe, suitable accommodation for unaccompanied teenage girls in the refugee camp proved impossible. When Ethar Relief found them, they were at the lowest point of their lives.

Ethar Relief took responsibility for Intisar and her siblings, through your donations into its Orphan Sponsorship programme. We arranged for their safe accommodation in Wadi Sharifeh, and paid for a foster family to take in the girls and look after them. Intisar was flown by Ethar Relief to Cairo for treatment on her injured leg. Now 16 years old, she has a home, a family, access to education and healthcare.

Intisar and her sisters are starting to repair their lives and recover from their experiences. We hope that they keep smiling as they start to feel the dignity of a stable, safe life, and a light of opportunity guiding them out of the refugee camp in the future.


Donate and Sponsor

Giving is great; regular giving is even better! Your sponsorship provides so much (see below for a list of what your sponsored child benefits from) – but the most important thing you can give them is certainty. The certainty that someone cares and is willing to commit to providing for their needs every month, so that they can be free to thrive and achieve their very best without stress and worry.

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Can’t afford £25 per month? Why not get some friends together and each give £5 per month? Together we can make a difference with even the smallest regular amounts.



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